Wild About Animals is the umbrella title for three wildlife programs that air in on 79 stations in 51% of the U.S. They air in separate markets depending on local/regional preference, and stations in 20% US air all three shows the same week. The shows are:

  • Wild About Animals: (66 stations, 37% US): fascinating wildlife stories from around the globe. Whether it’s the mysterious creatures of the ocean or a tale of the critters in own backyard, Wild About Animals offers the best in family programming. Hosted by Emmy-award winning actress Mariette Hartley.
  • Animal Science (25 stations/27%US):  an E/I animal series with a uniquely scientific approach. While most animal shows look at the behavior of animals, AS provides scientific analysis from animal experts to look at  how and why an animal is able to excel in its environment.
  • Awesome Adventures (27 stations/25% US): an award-winning series that takes kids 13 to 16 on incredible journeys all over the world. It presents a diversity of destinations and activities, from snowboarding down the Alps to visiting a Costa Rican rain forest.





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