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Kingdom of Bhutan, Himalayas!!

In the next exciting episode of Tapping In, we take a rare look into the mysterious and safely- guarded Kingdom of Bhutan. High up in the Himalayas, and sandwiched  between goliath nations, China and India, Bhutan is a fascinating culture steeped in Tibetan influence and remains largely the same  as it has since the 8th century. We’ll find out how a nation has been and remains peaceful and happy with the world in turmoil around it.

Linda  interviews the engaging Prime Minister of the country with a brand new democracy. She also has an action- packed climb over 8,000 feet to the fabled Tigers Nest with a reincarnate monk with deep insight to previous lives – including an aquatic one of Linda’s, according to ra Bhutan astrologer.

Linda joins a 100km bike raise through the Himalayas, an archery match with Bhutan’s Olympian Archer, and so much more in settings that seem too beautiful to be real, with messages of how to be a peaceful society.

The show has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Travel Program.

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Broadcast Window: Sept 25th – Dec. 31st, 2017

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