tapping-2Seeking Out the Happiest People and Places on the Planet

Window:  March 27th- June 25th, 2017

Tapping In is a 1-hour special, created and hosted by Linda Swain of Swain Destinations, which features stories of extraordinary people in amazing places. These are people who can show us how we can all increase the level of happiness in our own lives.

Says Linda: “We all have this amazing ability to learn from the experience of others so our need to share information is built in. We also have a key ingredient necessary for a happy world and our journey is to tap into this and be fearless, moving forward with it, happily.”

Tapping In is the result of nearly 30 years of spanning the globe, searching for the happiest people and places on the planet for Swain Destinations, the customized travel business, Linda and her husband, Ian, built together. It’s driven by Linda’s passion to share the stories of others through television.

This 1-hour special includes a surfing lesson and a visit with celebrity trainer Luke Hines in Australia, a visit to Bhutan where wealth is measured in Gross National Happiness, as well as a look at how Philadelphia was actually designed and built for happiness. The show has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Travel Program

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