Thanks to the growing use – and state legalization of – online betting apps, Americans are embracing sports gambling as never before- a record $57 Billion  in 2021. These apps are whetting the appetite of a new generation for betting on many sports- including horse racing. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have all legalized online betting, with more big states to come.


Mizlou Thoroughbred Racing Network (MTRN) is a place -based out-of-home electronic media network airing broadcast spots and billboards between live simulcast of thoroughbred races from tracks across the U.S.  MTRN affiliates include all racetracks, casino sport books, OTBs and other entertainment/ recreational venues in North America and delivers a captive, participatory audience of approximately 780,000 upscale adults daily, 363 days per year.

Spots air nationally (North America). They run immediately following a live race when results of that race and odds for the next race are displayed on the monitors in a window that fills two-thirds of the screen…right next to these results. PLUS, mobile devices provide access to the internet so it’s a perfect call-to-action environment.  The audience is captive and participatory because eyes are fixed on the monitors watching for results and upcoming odds of racing from all across the country.



MTRN Track Facts

  • All racetracks have closed circuit television
  • All customers watch the races at the tracks on closed circuit TV monitors
  • MTRN racetracks feature 90,000+ TV monitors.  Bonus coverage includes casino sport books, OTBs, etc.
  • Currently there are 100 horse racetracks in the U.S.
  • 363 race days a year (all racetracks are open every day)
  • Average ten (10) races per day, per track

                                   Recommended Package: 3 spots/day, 7days/week


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