JLTV – The World’s Largest Jewish-Themed Network



JLTV is dedicated to highlighting the culture, history and values of the Jewish people to diverse audiences. It delivers live, timely and relevant entertainment and news content to a dedicated audience that seeks Judeo-Christian family value programming  (over 80% of the audience is in non-Jewish households*).

JLTV programs touch on Jewish life in North America, Israel and around the world. They include news, sports, food, lifestyle, and entertainment programming – such as classic comedies, films, documentaries, music, reviews, interviews, and special events.


With compelling news and discussion shows like “The J Report”and “One-on-One with Alan Dershowitz” , and lifestyle shows like “Feed Me, Bubbe” “A New Way to Move”, JLTV delivers a  loyal, financially and educationally upscale audience.

*Kantar Media study of Direct TV households covering approximately 50% of JLTV’s viewing audience

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